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A single point of access to female leadership specialists

Our specalists

WomanUp recognises that developing female leadership within businesses requires multiple experts and solutions across a range of disciplines.


Businesses have different requirements, depending on where they are on the road to enhancing gender diversity. Some will need access to highly-experienced leadership strategists and coaches who can guide leadership teams on conceiving, articulating and championing their gender equality strategies.  


Others will need specialist expertise on how best to achieve cultural change, by initially identifying and then helping to remove the cultural blocks within the business.   


Some companies will need to tap into a range of personal developmental experts who build the specific skills females need as they progress into leadership roles. And some businesses will want to engage with experienced consultants and trainers with deep knowledge and experience within their sectors.


WomanUp simplifies this by providing our clients with a single point of access to experienced practitioners and thought leaders who are acknowledged specialists in their respective fields. We blend this expertise with novel techniques and cutting edge technologies.


Our model


WomanUp’s model involves matching client requirements with the very best talent and expertise on the market. We recognise that there are some excellent leadership consultants, coaches, advisers, organisational psychologists and other specialists who can add value to our clients and enrich the solutions we deliver.  WomanUp:


  • Identifies the client requirements and the type of solutions needed to make a lasting difference

  • Matches those requirements with the expertise within our core team and members of our expert panel

  • Co-ordinates the activities of our expert panel to provide a seamless, fully-integrated and highly-professional service to our clients

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