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More women leaders

More women leaders

We address the leaks in the talent pipeline


We unleash the leadership potential of talented mid-career women 


We support women to achieve behavioural change and overcome mindset barriers


We diagnose and provide solutions to cultural and organisational blocks to gender diversity


For more details about WomanUp events visit TheTribe page

Would you ask for a pay rise? Yes say the men. Women unsure.​

How the programme made a difference to the participants

Professional Woman's Portrait

“I am applying for new roles.  I didn’t have the confidence before.”

Professional Young Woman

“It made me realise I’m the one who has to take charge of realising my


Gender diversity at leadership levels. Truly moving the dial.

woman up action plan

Our action plan

The WomanUp action plan presents solutions for businesses, leaders and women on improving gender diversity.


Our change model

Why men need to be involved in creating solutions

Latest from our blog

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