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Supporting women to achieve behavioural change

and overcome mindset barriers

Executive Coaches help women  realise leadership ambitions

WomanUp has a panel of specially-trained Executive Coaches who provide either stand-alone coaching assignments for women in managerial career or support participants in our leadership programme.

Coaching assignments

A typical WomanUp coaching relationship comprises six coaching sessions:

  • Session one: getting started

  • Session two: setting the goals

  • Session three: overcoming the blocks

  • Sessions four and five: embedding behaviour

  • Session six: reviewing and preparing for the way forward.

In session one, our experienced female coach spends time getting to understand the coachee, her ambitions, her leadership challenges and what a successful outcome looks like from the coaching relationship.

The most important output from this session is a shared trust between the WomanUp coach and coachee, together with agreement and clarity as to what the weeks ahead will involve.

Setting goals

Research shows that women don’t put enough focus on thinking through what their career aspirations are and then planning how to turn those aspirations into action. In this session, the WomanUp coach brings the coachee through a career planning process specifically developed by WomanUp for our female leaders.

The output of this session is newly- found clarity and direction and a set of very clear goals to help the coachee achieve her leadership ambitions.

Overcoming the blocks

Based on two years of extensive research, WomanUp has identified some significant barriers that get in the way of females reaching their leadership potential.  By developing strategies and behaviours to overcome these barriers, significant positive change can be achieved. 

In this session, WomanUp coaches challenge our potential female leaders to identify and overcome the barriers that are getting in their way and embrace the strategies and behaviours to make them more successful.  The output of this session is a much deeper self-awareness and clarity about the “personal” obstacles to achieving success.

Supporting the change

During sessions four and five, the WomanUp coach supports, encourages and gives feedback to the coachee as she goes about achieving the goals she has set.

Embedding the change

WomanUp’s coaching service is about achieving lasting positive change. During the final session, the WomanUp coach works with the client to reshape her action plan and devise new goals to continue to bring about beneficial change once the coaching relationship is over.

What is the end result?

A successful WomanUp coaching programme, achieves long and lasting results for the coachee. She  leaves the process: better armed for her leadership journey and is: 

  • More clear about her career and leadership ambitions

  • Willing to take personal responsibility for achieving them

  • More self-aware

  • Better at managing the barriers she faces

  • More effective at what she does

  • More balanced in her approach to work and life.

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