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Join the WomanUp Tribe: a half-day workshop to achieve real change


WomanUp's first event, Join the WomanUp Tribe, was a sell out.  Further events will follow.

So if you are interested in receiving information about these events please complete our contact form.

Below is further information on our first event.

When: Saturday 2nd March

Where: Killiney Castle Hotel, Co. Dublin

Ambitious about your career but feeling stuck?  Wondering if you your own behaviour doesn’t help you get ahead? Struggling to manage a demanding job with childcare or elder care responsibilities or both?


Then WomanUp’s breakthrough workshop is for you.  It’s about sowing the seeds to enable you to learn the challenges women face, interact with other women who face similar challenges, understand our WomanUp change model and make an important behavioural step that will make a real difference to you and your career.

We’re running this event because we’re passionate and committed to enabling women at the mid-career stage to take more control of their careers and their journeys to leadership roles.  We have seen the impact previous WomanUp workshops have made and we want to spread the word. 


We want the participants to walk away with:

  • An understanding of brain science, female conditioning and other factors which contribute to the challenges women face

  • Clarity about overcoming some (not all) the barriers they are facing

  • An understanding of the particular value women bring to leadership alongside the value that men bring

  • New relationships with women who they have met and shared experiences with

  • A support network that can be tapped into as they continue their leadership journey

What’s on the programme?

  • Unpacking the challenges women face by sharing the WomanUp change model

  • Enabling participants to understand the role  that culture plays in impeding their progress

  • Getting insights into how women can sometimes get in their own way – and why

  • Some tools and strategies that participants can walk away with to immediately put into practice that will enhance their leadership journey.


What’s the format?


WomanUp’s Clodagh Hughes will be the facilitator. The workshop will be highly interactive with lots of opportunities to share experiences and solutions. There will be breakouts with discussions on themes where Clodagh sets out the context. 


A panel discussion will be facilitated by Karen Hand, a strategy consultant, and four women will share their experiences and offer advice to participants.  The panel members are:

  • Aisling Kenny, Chief Financial Officer, SMBC Aviation Capital

  • Deirdre Finn, Director of Risk and Regulatory Consulting, KPMG

  • Kate O’Brien, Head of Client Asset Oversight, Davy

  • Jane Madden Director, The Company of Huskies

How to support female colleagues?

Being recognised at an early career stage as having leadership potential and being told so from someone they admire and respect can be a real turning point in women's careers. 

WomanUp wants to build on this insight and give you the opportunity to recognise high potential female colleagues in your network by gifting them a place at our ground-breaking workshop.

How to book?

Places are limited and are offered  on a first come, first served basis.  The €60 fee includes a light brunch.

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