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Our purpose?

Expand the pool of  women in the leadership

pipeline  to achieve measurable, business benefits

Developing the confidence and competence of potential women leaders

WomanUp is a specialist leadership training and advisory organisation focused on growing the number of women in the leadership pipeline. It offers results-focused and action-oriented solutions to enable businesses to develop the confidence and competence of women with leadership potential.  


WomanUp is the publisher of an action plan on how leaders and organisations can achieve gender balance.  It has been described by one business leader as “a stunning lever to provoke and accelerate the journey of many corporations.”   We are passionate and committed to:

  • Helping women navigate the most difficult stage of their leadership journeys

  • Enabling them to become more self-aware and resilient 

  • Supporting business leaders to devise, champion and measure strategies to improve female representation at every stage of the leadership pipeline

  • Advising businesses on how to create working environments where women can thrive and reach their full potential

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Gender diverity is good for business 

Gender diversity is not a nice to have.  It is a business imperative.  Leadership teams which are gender diverse are more likely to perform better across a range of metrics - from financial performance to reputation and innovation and from employee satisfaction to customer sentiment.

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