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Unleashing  the leadership potential of

talented mid-career women 

Behaviours, mindset, drivers: what makes this programme different

Learning how to lead authentically, becoming more self-aware, understanding default behaviours and how to overcome the barriers to career progression -  these are core to the WomanUp Leadership Programme.  They are also what makes it different to standard leadership programmes which typically focus on skills development and transactional learning. 

The programme is targeted at women at the crucial mid-career point when they face unique challenges in progressing to more senior roles in comparison with their male colleagues.  They may be juggling busy careers with childcare, elder care and other personal responsibilities.  They may lack confidence, a career plan and the networks to enable them to move to the next rung in the leadership ladder. 


As the evidence shows, it is at this stage that many women either press pause on their career ambitions or decide to leave the workforce completely.

Through the focus on behaviours, mindset and drivers, the WomanUp Leadership Programme equips talented women with the insights and tools they need to reach their potential.   It gives them a deep understanding of:


  • Their individual leadership attributes and styles

  • What it takes to lead authentically,  communicate with conviction and empathy and also to inspire others

  • How they can become more resilient, particularly in reconciling career and personal responsibilities

  • The transition from operational to a strategic roles

To embed the learnings, participants are supported by Executive Coaches and often by in-house or external Mentors . On completion of the programme, participants have a plan on how to progress their careers guided by a compelling vision they have set. 


The WomanUp Women in Leadership Programme has its genesis in:

  • Two years of research into the barriers women face in moving into leadership roles

  • A pilot programme where the programme design and structure was tested with participants 

  • An extensive consultation process with business leaders and prospective participants.


Want to discuss your programme requirements?

Want to discuss your programme requirements?

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