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Change model

Why men need to be involved in creating solutions

Men can play pivotal role in achieving better gender balance 

Woman Up - change model

Ever attend an event about women in leadership or gender diversity and find that 80% or more of  attendees are women?  We have multiple times.  And we are convinced that this imbalance contributes to the slow progress in achieving better gender balance at leadership levels.

The role of men is central to our  change model, when we created the #WomanUp Action Plan  and which maps out how  businesses can achieve systemic change.  The three levers for change need to work in symmetry to achieve tangible breakthroughs.


Where those circles - culture, leadership and women - intersect is where the real benefits lie for:


  • Businesses which can leverage more talent and achieve better business results

  • Women, more of whom will decide to, and be encouraged to, move into leadership roles

  • Men, who as managers, colleagues, fathers, relatives or friends of women in the workforce, will derive workplace and societal impacts

There was 30 actions included in our plan to implement this change model - actions  leaders (men and women), for businesses (in relation to corporate culture) and for women (who want to progress to leadership roles.)

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