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Our action plan

A blueprint for change to truly move the dial in gender diversity at senior levels in business

#WomanUp – an action plan on focused on solutions

Woman up action plan
#WomanUp is an action plan on female leadership. It proposes a series of solutions to making the leadership pipeline more diverse  


The action plan aims to:

  • Help businesses increase the number of women who take up leadership roles

  • Assist women overcome barriers to career progression

  • Enable business leaders – men as well as women – to create “gender bilingual” workplaces


Our goal in publishing the plan was to move the narrative on from identifying problems about gender balance within business to proposing practical solutions. 

#WomanUp’s actions are based on an extensive research process, the learnings from our pilot  Leadership Programme, designed to build confidence and leadership skills of aspiring female leaders, and inputs from senior Irish business leaders and academic leaders.

The second edition of the #WomanUp plan was published in December 2019.

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