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Mentor training

WomanUp suppports businesses to develop

a mentoring culture and  train Mentors 

Guiding Mentors to draw

on real-life experiences


Most senior executives and successful business people openly recognise the support and guidance they received from a Mentor at important stages in their careers. Many will say that an engagement with a mentor acted as a trigger to make a significant change in their life and in the career choices they made.

Research tells us that women in particular benefit from mentoring.  They value what is termed the “personal reflective space” which the mentoring sessions provide – the quiet time away from work and family commitments to reflect and consider the options with the help of an experienced advisor. Successful mentoring brings mutual benefits for mentees, mentors and  businesses.

WomanUp supports clients to develop mentoring capabilities within their businesses by:

  • Helping clients to establish  internal mentoring programmes

  • Selecting and training internal Mentors, particularly on how they can draw on real- life experiences

  • Increasing awareness within businesses about how in-house mentoring can be used as part of a retention strategy for high-potential women

  • Monitoring and evaluating mentoring programmes


We work with prospective Mentors to ensure that they have strong communications skills, empathy, the ability to listen but  where necessary constructively challenge the mentee to push beyond her comfort zone. 

Want to train Mentors within your business?

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