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Developing corporate cultures that allow women to thrive

woman up - Culture

WomanUp supports businesses to define the starting point for their gender equality initiatives and effecting cultural change. Our services include:

  • Cultural analysis: using technologies, surveys and other methodologies, we define the starting point and get a real understanding of the barriers that females face within the business.  As an informed but objective third party, we build trust with management and staff to allow them to truly call it as they see it.

  • Advocacy: we work with board members, CEOs, Senior Managers and Line Managers,both  male and female, and support them to be advocates for female advancement within the business.  We also train internal coaches and help develop networks to support aspiring female leaders and 

  • Unconscious bias training: we design and deliver organisation-wide unconscious bias training using novel techniques that alert individuals to their own biases and behaviours and how all of this plays out in the workplace.

  • Role models: we help identify role models and advise on how they can be effectively promoted within the company.  

woman up - Culture
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