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Supporting leaders to develop female talent strategies

WomanUp works with boards and the C suite, providing them with the tools and supports they need to lead and inspire their companies on this vital agenda.

Leadership services provided by WomanUp include:

  • Strategic planning: we work with boards and senior teams to develop their visions for gender equality and the strategic plans to foster female talent

  • Board, C suite facilitation: we facilitate leaders to become advocates for female talent within their businesses to secure buy-in from Line Managers and other members of their teams

  • Communications: we work with leaders on strategic positioning, crafting the messages, championing  this agenda and developing meaningful awareness and communications initiatives that can be rolled out across the business.

  • Governance and oversight: we help clients ensure compliance with the increasing regulatory, investor and governmental requirements for greater transparency and action on gender diversity.

  • Analytics and KPIs: what gets measured gets done.  We use data and measurement tools to allow progress against the targets set in the strategic plan to be tracked

Two of WomanUp’s founders – Carol Bolger and Aileen O’Toole – are Chartered Directors and are experienced board and C suite facilitators.  Clodagh Hughes, who leads WomanUp ,is also an experienced board and C suite facilitator and she and Carol are also experienced senior leadership coaches.


woman up - Leadership
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