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woman up -Orla Cowzer

Orly Cowzer

Orla: my mentor helped me navigate change

Orla Cowzer is Director of Corporate Broking at stockbroking firm Davy, which she joined as a graduate following completion of her Master’s in Finance degree in 2011.

When Orla Cowzer first heard about the programme, she felt it was speaking to her directly.


“I was on a learning curve; at the tipping point in terms of leadership in the organisation. I felt it spoke to where I was in my career; for people who wanted to make a step change,” says Orla.
woman up -Orla Cowzer

She was doing well at work, being promoted ahead of her years of service and getting positive feedback. Orla wanted to look at her next steps.

“I had worked at such a fast pace for years and now had a seat at the table and wanted to discover the best way to use that; to map out how to get to the next level.”

Orla feels one of the most impressive parts of the programme was her match with mentor, Carol Grennan, Chief Financial Officer at Touch Press Inc.

“It was great to have been matched with someone whose style was complementary to mine. Carol had very different industry knowledge to me. It was so interesting to get her insights.


“I felt I was able to be open with my mentor and was able to speak freely. There was no agenda; her only interest was to help me and to listen. I also spoke to her on a personal level.”

At the time, Orla’s division was going through a restructuring: “Carol had great insights on change management. Having someone to sound check and ground me really helped me to navigate the change. When reorganisation is happening, you can feel lost coping with the new dynamics so it was amazing to have someone who was so experienced in change management and leadership.”

Carol believes many of the challenges faced by females in the workplace remain the same with the added pressure of an accelerated working pace.

“Orla is a great example of a professional, confident, ambitious young woman who is excelling in her career and has all the attributes to become a great female leader and role model.”

One of the goals Orla had set before the process was to get a promotion in the year, which she achieved. “I achieved most of my short and medium goals and am working on the longer-term ones.”

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woman up -Orla Cowzer
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