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Impact of the WoW programme

These were the main outcomes of the WoW programme:


Confidence levels among  mentees were significantly boosted. Before the programme only a third  said that they were confident. After the  programme, the confidence levels had risen  significantly and 85% said they had changed their behaviours at work because of their  improved confidence. Among the mentors,  80% said they saw  an increase  in mentees’  confidence  by the time  the programme ended.


Mentees now know it’s not all down to them. They identified culture as a top barrier to career advancement. So while lack of confidence is a personal barrier, the WoW programme has made them acutely aware that corporate culture may be holding them back.

WoW was the stimulus for a third of  mentees to change roles. Twelve of the 27  mentees changed roles in the course of the  year and eight of them directly attributed this  to the WoW programme. We know that several of our mentees have since been promoted.

It is possible to balance career and family.  Some mentees found through their mentors  that it is possible to advance in their career  while balancing family responsibilities.

Source: Before data from WoW baseline survey conducted in January 2016.  After data from WoW  final survey conducted in  January/February 2017







The career plans were a highly-effective tool. All mentees said that they derived benefits from their career plans, with 70% stating that they shaped all or most of their career decisions.


All participants “get” the power of  mentoring.  Mentors were 100% sure of the need for mentoring of younger women. Before the WoW programme, 61% of the mentees had  never had a mentor and 74% never had a  sponsor. After the programme, 84% of the  mentees said that the mentoring helped with  career development and 81% said it had  helped with personal development.

Sponsors discovered the power of the  sponsor role. Three-quarters had provided  advice and support to the mentees on career progression and on increasing their visibility.  They also got insights into the hidden talents  of their female mid-managers.

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