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Sponsors provide multiple opportunities for talented females

woman up - Sponsorship

Sponsors play a pivotal role in developing future female leaders and are a critical component on the WomanUp Female Leadership Programme.

Typically, a sponsor is a senior executive within a business who advocates for an individual and supports them to move up the corporate ladder. 


  • Puts a female executive forward for a promotion

  • Familiarises others within senior teams about the individual’s potential

  • Identifies “stretch” opportunities for the individual and supports her in the successful delivery of such opportunities

  • Helps increase the female’s visibility within the company

  • Gives strategic advice in terms of the organisation itself and external networks that would be beneficial

WomanUp supports our clients to develop sponsors by:

  • Ensuring that leaders understand the importance of sponsors and also their potential roles as sponsors

  • Identifying sponsors to participate in our Female Leadership Programme

  • Providing induction training to sponsors to enable them to understand their roles and their successful contribution to the programme

  • Identifying  new roles or stretch assignments for programme participants

woman up - Sponsorship
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