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The impact of the Female Leadership Programme

woman up - Case Studies

The pilot Female Leadership Programme we ran led to some significant outcomes for our participants – a group of high-potential females at the mid stage of their careers.

In summary:

  • 86% of participants said that they were confident, compared with 36% before the programme began

  • 70% said that the programme had helped shape most of their future career decisions

  • A third of the group had either been promoted or had had switched jobs after the programme. More did so after the final evaluation process was complete

How the programme affected the participants

woman up - Case Studies

The programme aims to enable mid-career women to make a step change in their career. It involves career planning, mentoring, sponsorship and skills development in leadership, personal branding, influencing and negotiating.  Find out more about the WomanUp Female Leadership Programme

The power of the programme is best told by the participants themselves.

woman up - Case Studies


Karolina got a confidence boost because of the programme.  It also helped her secure a pay rise as well as a promotion.

woman up - Case Studies


Caroline found that her mentor helped find her authentic voice in the business and ensured that she remains true to her values.

woman up - Case Studies


Orla found that that the programme helped her plan her career and her mentor helped her to navigate change.

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