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Feedback on WoW’s female leadership programme

WoW received overwhelmingly positive feedback to our female leadership programme, as shown in the graphic above and in other comments below:

Source: WoW final surveys,
January/February 2017


“I work in a very male dominated environment. I learnt some tips around how I as a woman I am not there simply to take notes, clean the whiteboard, etc. I’ve learned to show that I am as able as everyone else in the room. It also gave me the clear understanding that I am the expert in my area and that I can earn as much as men do.“

“The programme opened my eyes and was the catalyst behind me asking for a pay rise. I knew I was worth more than I was earning but before the programme I would have done nothing about it. After the programme I had a conversation with my manager and I sounded very confident, I had very clear picture of what I had achieved and what else I could do in the organisation. For the first time I am proud of myself for who I am and what I do.“

“I am hugely appreciative of having had this opportunity to participate in the WoW programme. It has given me a lot of food-for-thought as to what I should be working towards in coming years in order to progress my career. Thank you”

“It was interesting to see that other women struggle with the same issues that I do. I am more aware of my behaviour - and how my lack of confidence can hold me back. I have noticed a change in how I present my skills at interview. I am more confident in myself.”

“A huge thank you to the committee and the mentors. The structure and delivery of the programme were superb. The opportunity to have a mentor of this calibre was exceptional.”

“The programme helped me to look at the year ahead and to plan big. The career planning workshop was the catalyst in achieving what it is I want to achieve.“

“My mentor was great. She gave me the encouragement and confidence to say `yes I can take on this new position.’  She allowed me ask myself questions as to why I do certain things over others with regards career decision. She was an excellent sounding board throughout the year that gave me confidence to approach certain things I may not have otherwise.“

“I would sincerely like to thank the WoW committee for giving of your time to help others. It has been very professionally run and I very much appreciated the opportunity to be part of WoW. I am privileged to have been selected and the time and dedication of WoW committee has not gone unnoticed….. I also hope that the WoW experience will pay dividends for my future.”

“Thanks to WoW I have learned how to approach working in a very male dominated industry.  The way I plan my goals has changed/ and how I rate my successes. I have also made new contacts.”



“I wanted to acknowledge the amazing work of the WoW leaders, the mentees and the mentors. To understand that this came from a tiny idea and blossomed into something truly inspiring is to be lauded and shouted from the rooftops!! Thank you for including me.”

“Very enjoyable and rewarding mentoring experience which I intend to continue to build on with my mentee over

the coming year.”

“This has been an amazing journey and I believe that WoW has an amazing contribution to make to women and the world”

“All new, all good, and I particularly found the mentor material and guidance helpful.”

WoW has aimed for excellence in all of what it has done.”

“To be honest WoW could not have been more professional and supportive.”

“Very impressive communications, support and events made available by this voluntary organisation.”

“I am very positive about WoW, I think all of the organisers have given a lot to the programme.”

“Delighted in and was inspired by the privilege of being a mentor - if you'll have me I'd love to come back again.”

“Sincere thank you to the WoW committee who have dedicated incredible time, experience and resources to the initiative;

my contribution is a drop in the ocean but I hugely appreciated the opportunity to give even a little back. Thank you and

take a bow!”

“Great job to the organisers. You have done a ton of work and I hope the mentees benefit from it and appreciate what

you have done.”

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